I am currently a member of Codewisdom Lab in Fudan University. Codewisdom focuses on the synergy between Software Engineering (SE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in two different directions: AI4SE and SE4AI.

I lead the group of intelligent software engineering, where we are interested in tackling real-world software development problems (e.g., code generation, testing and debugging) via the synergy between program analysis and artificial intelligence. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in our research.

I am very lucky to work with outstanding people:
  • Xueying Du, Ph.D student, Fall 2021
  • Junwei Liu, Ph.D student, Fall 2022
  • Zhiqiang Yuan, Ph.D student, Fall 2023
  • Zhenhao Zhou, incoming Ph.D student in Fall 2024
  • Shiji Ding, MS student, Fall 2022
  • Juntao Li, MS student, Fall 2022
  • Zuoyu Ou, MS student, Fall 2022
  • Ying Wang, MS student, Fall 2022
  • Qiancheng Zi, MS student, Fall 2022
  • Yixuan Chen, MS student, Fall 2023
  • Jiayi Feng, MS student, Fall 2023
  • Hanlin Wang, MS student, Fall 2023
  • Kaixin Wang, MS student, Fall 2023
  • Wentai Deng, incoming MS student in Fall 2024
  • Yike He, incoming MS student in Fall 2024
  • Zhuokan Huang, incoming MS student in Fall 2024